A field of Sunflowers.
Biker by a field of Sunflowers.



What do your self-guided tours include?
Isn't it a bit restrictive staying in just one place?
My partner doesn't like to bike as much as me - how would that work with your tours?
Does your GPS tour mean I'm on my own?
Fitness - what level of fitness is needed?
I'm not a very strong rider - can I still do one of your tours?
Tour size - how many bikers can the villa take?
Where is the villa situated?
Weather - What's it like?
Can children do your self guided tours?
Do I need to speak French?
Amenities - what amenities are there around the villa?
Tour dates - What tour dates do you run?
OK that's a lot about the bike tours - but who are you?


How do I choose my rides?
What does an average day's cycling look like?
Roads - What are they like?
What is the terrain like?
Mont Ventoux - Can I cycle Mont Ventoux whilst at yours?
Mechanical breakdowns - what happens if I get one (other than an easy on the spot mend puncture, dropped chain etc)?


Equipment supplied - What equipment do I get on arrival?
Garmin Bike GPS systems - how do they work?
Bikes - which kind will I use?
Equipment to bring - What biking equipment should I bring?
Pedals & Seats - Can I bring my own?
Bike Helmet - do I need to wear one?
Can I use my own bike?
Can I hire a road or an electric assistance bike?
Locks - How do I secure my bike when out and about?
Bike size - How do I get the right sized bike?


Travel - how can I travel to the villa?
Money requirements - what will I need?
How do I make a booking and payment?
How do arrivals and departures work?
Cancellation - what happens if I need to cancel my tour?
Travel Insurance - what do I need?
Accidents or Illness - What happens should I have an accident or fall ill.
Local Restaurants - What are they like?
What about meals when we are at the villa?
Lunches out - What are the possibilities?
Special Dietary Requirements - Do restaurants cater for them?
How do I wash my bike clothes?
Do you provide any supplies?
WIFI - do you have it?
Wine tasting - how does it work if we want to buy some bottles?
When is the Lavender harvested?
Water - Can I drink the local water?
Local Maps - Where can I get a map of the local area?
What reading can I do to get a feel for the area beforehand?
Are pets allowed at the villa?

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