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How do I choose my rides?

The ride directory (with its 30 rides) is the tool that we have designed to help you choose your bike rides.
Each ride has a page of info including a map of the ride, an altitude profile, ride data & all the main tourist information (the most popular sights, markets, best restaurants and cafes etc) that you need to get the most from your day out.
You can select your ride using the following criteria:

  • Distance (Kms).
  • Time (based on different speeds - you select your normal speed).
  • Number of metres to climb & Climbing difficulty rating from 1 to 5.
  • Villages & Points Of Interest along the route or nearby that you want to visit (Sights, Chateaux, Museums, Restaurants, Cafes, Drinking Fountains, etc).

Once you have chosen your ride from the Directory, you simply select the ride number on your Garmin GPS and off you go!
And should you want a specific ride that you can not find - we will use our knowledge of the roads to design it, our software to draw it, with a final upload to your GPS unit so you can ride it.
And when you are on your way, we have road notes for each of the rides in an easy to use card format (they are bike shirt pocket sized). Each card has a recap of the above tourist information so that you can have it easily at hand when you're out biking.

What does an average day's cycling look like?

Well, it depends!! Here are examples of 2 days cycling for the 2 extremes of cyclists (remember you may well be somewhere in between these 2).
Of course these itineraries are not written in stone, they are just an idea of what a couple of your days riding could look like - it's up to you, and of course we will point you in the right direction, so you can make the most of your time.

1. Click here to see an example of a small amount of bike time with more of an accent on Tourisme
2. Click here to see an example where the biking is more important.

Roads - What are they like?

We are based in the countryside, our rides use the smaller, less busy back roads wherever possible. Use of busier roads is extremely limited & really is kept to an absolute minimum.
On the car front, you should find that those that you cross tend to be fairly respectful of cyclists.
We go to a lot of trouble to plan rides using the best country roads, bike tracks & villages lanes that should make for memorable, relaxed cycling.

What is the terrain like?

The terrain around the villa is a varied one and really does cater for all needs. It's best described as flat to the West and North (an extension of the Rhône river delta) to rolling, low altitude hills to the East (along the Luberon valley). There are, however, steeper, longer hills to the North East where the climbing gets harder (the Monts de Vaucluse) that we can take you to, if that's what you like.
Our 30 rides take in all of these different terrains, so you really can find the type of ride & effort required that you want.

Mont Ventoux - Can I cycle Mont Ventoux whilst at the villa?

Yes, you certainly can - there are 2 start points for Mont Ventoux that are easily accessible - the villages of Bedoin (the official Tour de France start) & Sault (an easier starting point). Both are an easy 50 mins drive by car from the farmhouse.
From the base it usually takes between 2 & 3 hours to get up to the top @ 1912 metres.
You need to take into account the weather forecast, and also that there is a difference in temperature between the start and the summit of around 10c. Plus the Mistral wind can blow very hard in the final few kilometres, so a wind or winter jacket is a must, you'll also be glad of it on the way down - it's a long way! Warning though, Mt Ventoux is not for the faint hearted! To make the experience less difficult many of our bikers hire a carbon road bike at the foot of the moutain in Bedoin for the day or afternoon. There are several bike rental places, with huge stocks, some offer booking on line - search "bike hire Bedoin", with others you just need to turn up. Equipment offered includes helmets, pumps, automatic pedals (you bring your shoes) etc...

Mechanical breakdowns - what happens if I get one (other than an easy on the spot puncture, dropped chain etc)?

In the unlikely event of a bike breakdown we will come out to you in order to get you going again. So please remember to bring a suitable mobile phone with you.

If you can't find the question that you want to ask here - please email or call us.

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