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Equipment supplied - What equipment do I get on arrival?

We use the afternoon of arrival to get you set up so you can get off riding as soon as you want:
Bike allocation & set up: Your hybrid bike will be adjusted to fit you. Along with your pedals & seat if you want to bring them.
Bike equipment: Crash helmet & pump, small under saddle back with spare inner tube & puncture repair kit, a water bottle to keep, combination lock, and a large rear pannier bag.
Ride directory: Paper based directory of our 30+ rides. We'll show you how to use it in order to select the rides that are right for you.
Ride info cards: Each ride has a small carry card to be taken with you which includes a map (though it's not for navigation, that's the GPS), tourist information & the good places to eat, cafes etc.
GPS: We'll give you a full briefing on how to use it, and if you would like, we'll take you on a small 3kms demo ride, to show it to you in action.
GPS cheat sheet: As back up we will give you a small plastic carry card with all the basic functions of your GPS clearly indicated.
Real Provence guide: We have put together a comprehensive guide of what there is to do in the area, which should help you organise your day's biking and sight seeing.
Restaurant guide: A list of our guests' and our favourite restaurants and cafes.

Garmin Bike GPS systems - how do they work?

It's just like using maps on your phone, or using a car GPS (it's just smaller), in that it uses clear colour maps and directions for navigation. On top of this you get all the bike stats that you could possibly want.
Our rides are preloaded onto your GPS, you simply select your chosen ride number, and then off you go following the highlighted chosen route and the clear visual directions.
Sight seeing on foot is easy too. Simply turn off the GPS, and then restart when you are ready, following the map to rejoin the route.
For peace of mind the GPS fixes solidly to the handlebars and can be taken off quickly and easily for sight seeing.
You can rest assured that our GPS system really is easy to use. We'll brief you on how to use it, and then if you would like to we'll take you on a small 3kms demo ride, to show it to you in action. No more paper maps, no more stopping and no more wondering where you are!
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Bikes - which kind will I use?

We use quality Trek FX3 hybrid bikes, that are new for 2019. They have aluminium frames and carbon front forks. Our hybrids combine the comfortable riding position of a mountain bike, and the speed of road bike frame geometry. With narrower tyres (35mm) than most mountain bikes, you'll get the most from your effort with maximum comfort and a good sense of stability when riding. Handle bar ends are also fitted to make any climbing easier.

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Equipment to bring - What biking equipment should I bring?

It's important that you be comfortable on your bike, so here's what we recommend you bring:
Clothing: padded bike shorts, a hot weather light weight cycling top, a normal bike top, bike gloves, sunglasses, a light weight wind/rain jacket, bike socks.
Others: Sun protection cream, Camelback style water carrier (particularly in Summer), a suitable mobile phone (for back-up & emergency calls).
Optional kit - if you have your favourites: Bike helmet, Pedals, Shoes & Saddle (if your worried about a sore back side we can always lend you an extra gel seat cover that fits over any saddle).
Early Spring & Autumn - If you come at these times, it would be sensible to bring wet & cold weather clothing (long legged bike pants & cold weather jacket). Very rarely is it awful, but you could be unlucky and hit some bad weather.

Pedals & Seats - Can I bring my own?

If you prefer your own, just bring them and we will fit them to your bike. If not we'll supply a standard seat & pedals. We can also supply Shimano SPD M520 or M540 pedals (the mountain bike variety - note not the road SPD SL variety ) which are great for touring, as the cleats are recessed into the shoes, making visiting on foot easy.

Bike Helmet - do I need to wear one?

It is not law in France for adults to wear a cycling helmet when biking. We do, however, highly recommend that you wear the helmet that we supply for safety. It is law, however, that children under 12 wear a helmet.

Can I use my own bike?

If you want to bring your own bike that's no problem. We'll simply fit a small GPS mounting to your handlebars when you arrive so you can use the GPS.
Regarding travel - travelling with bikes on the TGV (high speed trains) trains is possible - you just need to be organised. Bikes can be taken without the need for a reservation, but they must be dismantled and stowed in proper bike bags. They can then be placed with the oversize bags near the train doors.
A word of warning though, bags in this area can get bashed around a bit by other passengers, and you need to get there early to get a place.
Your other choice on the TGV trains is to prebook a place in a bike carriage - though the choice is limited as many trains don't have them.
Please click here to access the raileurope website.

Can I hire a road bike or an electric assistance bike?

Yes you can.
Electric assistance bikes are great for giving less able bikers, or less enthusiastic ones, an authentic taste of the beautiful Luberon by bike. By selecting the amount of assistance you require you get to manage the level of effort you give. The bikes are easy to ride, highly autonomous with a minimum range of 60kms to a max of 100kms. With all the equipement you could need, and with one of our new Garmin GPS you are set for an easy carefree tour.
Road bikes or electric bikes can be hired at an additional 28 € per night. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Locks - How do I secure my bike when out and about?

We supply you with a sturdy combination lock which should be used whenever you're off the bike.
It fixes solidly and out of the way under the bike saddle when riding.

Bike size - How do I get the right sized bike?

1. You give us your height. 2. You measure vertically from between your legs down to the bottom of a foot. This gives us the size of the bike required.

If you can't find the question that you want to ask here - please email or call us.

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